Aggregate And Geotechnical Testing BC

Aggregate And Geotechnical Testing BC

Benefits Of Observing Standard Aggregate And Geotechnical Testing In BC

In order to obtain accurate information on the physical properties of soil and/or rock within a proposed construction site, contractors are required to seek the services of professional engineering geologists or geotechnical engineers to perform solid geotechnical investigations. Basically, aggregate and geotechnical testing in BC is required to effectively design foundations and earthworks for repair of distress to structures and earth fortification work that occurred due to certain surface subsurface conditions. This is typically referred to as “site investigation.”

Aggregate and geotechnical testing help to ensure that the quality of the soil is suitable for the proposed work. In other words, it helps to determine the suitability of a construction site for the proposed work. When it comes to budgeting on a construction project, observing a standard aggregate and geotechnical testing in BC can prove very helpful in providing relevant guidelines and recommendations on general construction.

Strict regulations and quality standards

Every aggregate and geotechnical testing in BC needs to meet strict regulations and quality standards if it must be used in construction projects. The following are part of standard soil testing capabilities that should comply with compulsory regulations and quality control stand stands. They include unconfined compressive strength, triaxial (CD, CU, UU) shear tests, R-value, proctors, permeability, moisture content, hydrometer, hydraulic conductivity, gradations, electrical resistivity, direct shear, and consolidations.

In order to help assure strict compliance, it is often very needful (if not compulsory) to observe these standards. This can go a long way in helping to ensure good quality of aggregate and earthwork. One good thing about working with a professional geotechnical expert is that you stand to get a state of the art laboratory testing work done so as to ensure that the specified aggregate for use in your project strictly adheres to the highest quality and performance requirements stipulated by internal, national, and state standards.

In a bid to meet the specific needs of your construction project, the engineering firm you are working when can help provide a variety of construction materials needed for performing certain meaningful services. Basically, you are seeking to obtain valuable information that is capable of identifying potential problems or already-existing problems that may lead to costly delays and even ruin the quality of the project.

Geotechnical/materials testing

To ensure a quality, cost-effective, construction project in BC, it is imperative to ensure that your geotechnical experts work in tandem with the design and construction team, so as to be able to proffer meaningful recommendations and other relevant pieces of information in a timely manner. In order to provide the necessary bearing that has already been specified, it is good to work in accordance with the construction project requirements.

Basically, these services serve the purpose of qualifying all load bearing areas and surfaces which are mostly performed during excavation activities. Typically, they include on-site source, pit-source, and borrow source evaluations aimed at determining the suitability, characteristics, and properties of mined aggregate for mainly for its intended use. Until these are done, you can rarely achieve meaningful results.


Aggregate And Geotechnical Testing BC
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