Geotechnical Testing And Consulting British Columbia

Geotechnical Testing And Consulting British Columbia

Geotechnical Testing And Consulting In British Columbia: Necessary Points To Note

Geotechnical testing and consulting are two very important pre – construction activities usually carried out in British Columbia and other places. They are usually necessitated by a multitude of factors.

What exactly do they involve?

Geotechnical testing involves carrying out surface and subsurface examinations of a formation to determine its characteristics and a host of other parameters. Carrying out geotechnical testing can often involve hundreds of man hours and thousands of equipment to carry out as well as huge monetary investment, therefore failure is never an option.

Geotechnical consulting can involve different activities, ranging from interpreting geotechnical data obtained from tests carried out to prediction of formation behavior.

Having explained what these terms mean, their importance is the next item up for discussion. Here are some of the reasons for carrying out geotechnical testing and consulting

To Determine The Characteristics Of The Formation

The first reason why a formation needs to be tested is to determine major characteristics like it’s porosity, permeability, etc. Having this sort of information makes it possible to effectively determine how it will behave under certain conditions.

Understanding these behaviors can only happen when a geotechnical consultant has explained what the values obtained mean, and such knowledge will be considered in the design of whatever project is to be carried out on such a formation.

Seismic Behavior

In areas known to be prone to seismic activity, geotechnical investigations will help to prepare by way of design considerations, for the possibility of seismic activity in the future.

Project Suitability

Another reason why geotechnical testing and consulting in British Columbia is a big market is to help clients determine if a piece of property is suitable for certain projects. Some characteristics make some places none suitable for certain projects. A porous, permeable formation will be too susceptible to percolation and will not make for citing of a pond project since most of the water will be lost to the soil.

Other examples exist, but this illustration shows that some problems can be avoided, rather than remedied if people would prioritize geotechnical investigations.

While the reasons for it has been justified, what are the pointers to look out for in choosing a company to carry out geotechnical testing and consulting in British Columbia.


The longer a company and its staff have had hands-on experience in the region, the higher the comparative advantage she has over competitors – but this is not discounting the expertise of newcomers on the scene.

Usually, companies that have lasted very long on the scene must have been doing things right.

Modern Technology

A company that invests in the latest, state-of-the-art technology is priming itself and its clients for accurate and excellent results.

Technological advancements have given rise to instruments that keep slashing the margin for error, therefore, companies that choose to take advantage of this are usually the best ones to work with.

On a parting note, the type(s) of geotechnical tests needed depend upon the advice of a consultant. Therefore, it is best to consult an expert even if it looks like they might not be needed. The right step taken before, trounces a thousand fixative ones.


Geotechnical Testing And Consulting British Columbia
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