Geotechnical Testing British Columbia

Geotechnical Testing British Columbia

Hiring A Contractor For Geotechnical Testing In British Columbia

One common cause of poorly executed or failed construction project is poor geotechnical testing in British Columbia. With a poor soil analysis, you are already starting a construction on the wrong foot.

If you are in need of geotechnical testing in British Columbia, you may need to put some of the outlined factors into consideration. They will guide you towards getting high quality service. All of them are about your choice of a contractor for geotechnical testing in British Columbia.

Experience matters in every field

Geotechnical testing usually precedes a huge capital intensive project and as such you should get it right from the beginning. So, you need to hire a highly experienced service provider. This is not about two or three years’ experience. Rather, you should look for a contractor that has at least five years’ experience.

The amount of money usually committed in construction projects makes it a very terrible idea to be a part of some company’s learning curve. So, when it comes to this kind of service, experience is everything as it always comes with a very high level of expertise.

It is also a good idea to seek reference. Talk to big construction companies. All of them have geotechnical testing partner or a unit that renders the service. You can never go wrong with any reference that comes from any successful construction company.

Assess their equipment

Apart from experience and expertise, geotechnical testing requires sophisticated facilities. You may need to schedule a visit to the office of your prospective service provider. It is important to assess their equipment yourself. By the kind of tools you see, you should be able to tell if they can handle your job or not.

Variety of services

A reliable provider of this kind of service will also provide several other related services. A company that handles geotechnical testing should also be able to provide some or all of the following services as you will also need some of them.

    Testing And Development Of Marshals Testing And Development Of Asphalt Mix Designs Testing And Development Of Concrete Mix Designs Quality Control Management Soil Analysis Material Testing

Competitive prices

You should also compare quotes to get the best deal. In other words, you should contact at least four service providers to get their quotes before you make your choice. It is understandable that quality services do not come cheap but you should also remember that higher charges do not always lead to higher quality services.

In the bid to offer higher charges, it is possible for a service provider to present the service in an exaggerated manner. Don’t be bamboozled. There are four major techniques of geotechnical tests and your service provider will adopt one of them. So, it is not such a big deal.

The four major techniques for geotechnical investigation are test pits, trenching, boring, and in-situ testing. The choice of technique depends on the equipment of your service provider and the composition of the site soil.

Conclusively, with these few tips, you should be able to get a reliable service at a reasonable cost.


Geotechnical Testing British Columbia
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