Professional Civil Technologist BC

Professional Civil Technologist BC

Things To Know About Professional Civil Technologists In British Columbia

Who is a Civil Technologist?

To many, the term Civil Technologist is just another vague job description. Many do not realize how important these professionals are to a successful and quality civil Engineering job. A professional Civil Technologist in BC is one of the most important personnel at every stage of any such project in British Columbia and elsewhere.

These men and women provide technical and technological support to other professionals on the job, or may walk independently in some cases. They are usually employed by government departments, construction and consulting engineering companies and other agencies involved in transportation, public works and other branches of structural and environmental engineering.

Duties of a Civil Technologist.

As stated earlier, their duties are quite numerous and cuts across the field of expertise of many other professionals, a few of those duties are discussed here.

Field Survey and other technical investigations.

A professional Civil Technologist in BC participates alongside other technicians and professionals in site activities such as field surveys, technical inspection and investigations carried out to determine factors such as topography, soil nature, etc., and study how they will affect a particular project. They also join up with parties that set out to investigate existing projects including water supply and drainage systems, roads, existing buildings and structures in order to gather data for Civil Engineering projects.

Testing of Construction Materials.

The quality testing to be done on materials to be used for construction also requires the input of this class of professionals. A professional civil technologist in British Columbia is supposed to be around during the testing process involving the building materials and must then use the numbers obtained to verify through simulation and other mathematical processes, the expected structural integrity of the project.

Development of Engineering Designs from Concept Sketches

Another job that professional civil technologists working out of BC undertake is the turning of concept sketches into workable engineering designs. In actual fact, there is a very wide bridge between drawing a desired sketch and having it turned into a Civil Engineering design before it can ultimately become a live project. The civil technologist is charged with the duty of ensuring that this happens. He/she combines the perceived aesthetics in the concept sketch and turns it into a design that sits reasonable within the laws of science.

Other Necessary Support Activities

The professional Civil Technologist helps with on-project jobs like cost analysis in the pre – mobilization stages; construction materials and project specifications consideration and reflection of results in design; project schedules and reports drafting; etc. The scope of their job makes them privy to the information that is to be used for these activities and by working with the necessary professionals in those areas, a more robust report and analysis can be made.

With all of the information above, it is quite obvious that civil engineering projects in British Columbia require the services of professional civil technologists. The project results will reflect their impact at the end of the day.


Professional Civil Technologist BC
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